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Updated 1st October 2011 at 17:14 GMT

South Hook Noise Group Noise Ratings from recent Vessel visits


A revised version of the South Hook Noise Group Noise rating system in which we rate noise emanating from vessels based on a collaborative assessment from locations suffering noise issues from locations within South Pembrokeshire. The new system rates both the distance in which residential properties are affected by noise emanating from the vessel at berth with a range-o-meter rating, and shows the impact of the noise with an impact-o-meter rating.

How to register a noise complaint updated

Contact Pembrokeshire County Council Port Health Team on (01437) 776390 or (01437) 776389 during the hours of 8am until 7pm, 7 days per week.

Out of hours noise nuisance issues can be reported using the Emergency Pembrokeshire County Council telephone number, 0845 6015522.

You can also email the team on porthealth@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

By clicking the email link above you will have an email filled in with the details to send direct to Port Health Team!

Also report your issues to your Member of Parliament.

For noise issues in the Milford Haven area, contact Stephen Crabb MP on (01437) 763527, or email stephen@

Stephen follows up every complaint he receives directly with South Hook LNG.

For noise issues from Angle and surrounding areas, contact Simon Hart MP on (01834) 860102 or email simon.hart.mp@
parliament. uk

Also contact your Assembly Member.

In the Milford Haven area, contact Paul Davies AM on (01437) 766425 or email paul.davies

In Angle and surrounding areas, contact Angela Burns AM on (01834) 869 387 or email angela.burns

Vessels at Berth updated
Updated 1st November 2011 at 17:04 GMT

Check Milford Haven Port Authority Vessels currently at Berth for vessels on South Hook No.1 or No. 2.

Vessel Arrivals

Check Milford Haven Port Authority Arrivals for vessels berthing at South Hook No. 1 or No 2.

The Statutory Nuisance Counter for Qatargas Vessels visiting the South Hook Terminal
Updated 10th October 2011 at 22:12 GMT

Stautory Noise Nuisance

Vessels which have been witnessed to have had noise emanating from them amounting to a statutory nuisance while at berth at the South Hook Terminal by the Pembrokeshire County Council Port Health Team - Mekaines, Al Mafyar, Al Ghuwairiya, Mozah, Bu Samra, Al Mayeda, Shagra, Zarga, Aamira, Al Samriya (all Q-Max), Mesaimeer and Al Khattiya (Q-Flex).

Ship pages redesigned new
Added 24th September 2011 at 22:46 GMT

Our newly designedQ-Max Ship pages are now complete. We are now in the the process of redesigning the Q-Flex Ship pages. Many thanks to the local web design company who has come forward and offered their services in the re-design of the website and for carrying out more frequent updates from the group.

Local Newspaper Articles new
Updated 22:38 GMT on 11th April 2011

Local residents sends letters to the Editor expressing their dissatisfaction following South Hook PR's comments following article on Ship Noise in the Milford Haven & West Wales Mercury and the Western Telegraph.

Thank you new
Updated 7th March 2011 at 01:12 GMT

We would like to show our appreciation to those who have contributed to the South Hook Noise Community Group

Coming Soon new

Noise Feedback Form

For local residents who are not members of the South Hook Noise Community Group to submit a rating on the level of noise from your location.

Timeline of events

As we approach 2 years of noise issues - and details of future initiatives we have planned.

South Hook LNG addresses local residents concerns over ship noise
At 16:42 on 5th July 2010

Added new Press Release from South Hook LNG detailing upgrade programme.

Assurances from Qatargas
At 7:42 on 21st May 2010

Added details of upgrades to problematic Q-Max vessels.

How you can play your part
At 19:12 on 16th May 2010

Added South Hook LNG Community Liason Group contacts.


Noise issues for residents in the vicinity of South Hook LNG

Last Updated 14:23 on 1st October 2011

Are you affected by droning, vibration, and thumping engine noise?

If you are, it is probably being caused by Q-Flex and Q-Max LNG Ships berthed at the South Hook LNG Terminal Jetty. 

It would appear that the elevated levels of noise which has been causing most problems is from the lower end of the spectrum (i.e. low frequency). This type of noise can travel long distances, and not be audible near the source.

It is apparent we are faced with significant issues regarding the visits of Qatragas Q-Flex and Q-Max vessels. Pembrokeshire County Council Port Health Noise Complaint Statistics reflect this claim.

Port Health Graph
Statistics obtained under Freedom of Information Act Request from Pembrokeshire County Council

The noise issues we suffer can cause disturbance and/or annoyance both indoors and outdoors. Sound enters buildings through their structure, through open windows, or can be generated inside the building.


Noise Nuisance

The level at which noise constitutes a "nuisance" is not quantified by legislation, which requires that to be a nuisance it must spoil the "use" or "enjoyment" of your residence. That is up to the judgement of a reasonable and independent person, and for that purpose the Pembrokeshire County Council Port Health Officers are deemed acceptable.

Environmental Protection Act 1990

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 stipulates that any legal action can only be taken on individual vessels. It is therefore particularly useful to register a complaint on EACH occasion a vessel causes you disturbance, as the Port Health Team has to assess each ship in isolation when it arrives at South Hook. It is also useful for a Officer of the Port Health Team to personally witness the disturbance.

We, as a community, need to ensure that all ships which are likely to visit South Hook LNG Terminal have exhaust silencers fitted so we can again return the surrounding areas to the quiet and peaceful places they used to be.

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Correction of Information
Anyone wishing to amend or correct inaccuracies on information provided, changes to inaccuracies may be requested by emailing us at admin@southhooknoise.co.uk
We will then contact you to acknowledge the change of the information on the website within 48 hours.